Monday, September 19, 2011



Hi guys!

Welcome to my food blogs. Hopefully this will boost my spirit to cook/bake more good food for my family. Will include here all foods and recipes that i've tested. Eventhough as a career woman..err I dont think Im suit that but more to working mum/wife actually hahahaha ;).. ala.. Thats because I'm not that ambitious ya know. Hey! dont get me wrong. not that im doing it 'sambil lewa' or melepaskan patuk ditangga... its just that I dont want to be THAT ambitious ya know. I always do my best at work and at home. Its just that I dont really want to go up high because... It's too difficult? maybe? hehe.. too many things to think about.. ok fine.. that's the perception I've for now. maybe i'll change later.. who knows? .. ok ok cut it out! focus more on FOOD.. FOOD... and MOREE FOOD PLEASE!!
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